The Protege Podcast 004: Who Decides What Music Gets Placed?

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There are so many steps and industry professionals that will bend their ears around a track that has the potential to be used in their Trailer, TV or Advertising campaign. What makes this industry so hard is that you don’t just have to impress one person. You have to impress a series of people from multiple companies before you get that wonderful email or phone call telling you that you just landed a sync.

The good news is that there’s so much media being created now that the chances of everybody living in a happy wonderland with lots of syncs is not out of the question. If you can consistently write great music and be reliable there is a place for any composer who wants to enter this industry. This episode focuses on the different stages of getting your music placed. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, composers you’d like me to interview or would like to hear me cover something on the podcast please feel free to email me: info@protégé.school

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composer stories podcast

As part of our mission to give back to the composer community,we have launched an amazing podcast that dives into the stories of composers and producers who have anaged to turn their passion for music into a sustainable and lucrative career.Usually right from their homes.

We wanted to share those inspiring stories with you guys in the hope that it would inspire you to keep pursuing your passion to write music for a living.

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