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Whether you are just starting out, or looking to grow as a music composer/producer, this course give you the tools, the support and the experience anyone would need to become successful as a working composer.
Shane Farnan
Classical, pop, funk
Richard's courses are at a different level? Why? Because he cares. Richard always goes the extra mile to make sure you can follow along and understand his concepts. This is the real deal.
Anna Eichenauer
To be part of an international community, provides you a space and structure to align around a shared goal, learn from each other, achieve rapid yet significant progress and create great professional contacts and even friendship. You can work with an interactive and resourceful team, led by the best mentor from the field.
David Klemencz
Hybrid orchestral action trailer music.
You will not find another coach/teacher then Richard who will have the amazing level of personal connection with each of his students. He goes above and beyond what any other composer site could offer. He is essentially creating his competition, and is excited and happy to do so. You will not only get some of the most instructive videos out there, you will get opportunities that are more than you imagined.
Scott Leach
Hybrid Trailer and Horror


Always Be In The Right Composers’ Mindset

Learn how to get into and stay in a creative mindset, allowing you to compose in an open and relaxed way, and overcome the self-defeating worries about whether or not you are “good enough.”

Get Your Musical Ideas To Flow Endlessly

Learn how to use compositional and arrangement elements like Arpeggios, Question/Answer, Rhythmic Layering , “Oom Pah,” Chord Chugging and more to quickly and continuously develop ideas in order to prevent “writer’s block”.

Work From 30 Creative Briefs

Learn how to “read between the lines” of a creative “brief” in order to be able to craft the perfect trailer cue that hits all the marks, and keeps your clients asking for more.

Turn Initial Ideas Into Finished Compositions

Learn everything that is needed to quickly take a raw idea and develop it into a finished musical composition.


There Are Only Ever A Small Number Of People In The MasterClass Leaving Very Few Openings.

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