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Always Be In The Right Composers’ Mindset

Learn how to get into and stay in a creative mindset, allowing you to compose in an open and relaxed way, and overcome the self-defeating worries about whether or not you are “good enough.”

Get Your Musical Ideas To Flow Endlessly

Learn how to use compositional and arrangement elements like Arpeggios, Question/Answer, Rhythmic Layering , “Oom Pah,” Chord Chugging and more to quickly and continuously develop ideas in order to prevent “writer’s block”.

Work From a Creative Brief

Learn how to “read between the lines” of a creative “brief” in order to be able to craft the perfect trailer cue that hits all the marks, and keeps your clients asking for more.

Turn Initial Ideas Into Finished Compositions

Learn everything that is needed to quickly take a raw idea and develop it into a finished musical composition.

Learn Successful Trade Secrets From Multi-Award Winning
Composer Richard Schrieber

In this FREE course, multi-award-winning composer Richard Schrieber teaches you everything you need to know
to compose license-able compositions using only one in-demand sound: Pizzicato Strings.

Why Should I Be Learning How To Use Pizzicato Strings?

Well, the short answer is:

Because they’re everywhere!!

If you actually want to make a living making trailer music, there are essential tools you’ll need to have at your disposal, to be able to compose to spec. And there’s no better place to start than with Pizzicato Strings, one of the most in-demand sounds today.

Any working composer needs to have a solid grasp on all the sounds, and ever-changing musical trends, in order to tailor their compositions to be in line with what music supervisors are looking for. And right now, Pizzicato Strings are in high-demand industry-wide.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here are just a few very successful examples of pizzicato string trailer music…

So you can easily see why Pizzicato strings, with their broad versatility, are a perfect place to get started.

They Work For ALL Moods:

Jolly, Happy, Sad, Mysterious, Dark, Angry, Scary – you name it.

They Are Neutral:

They apply to so many potential licensing si tuations because they don’t recall any specific places or points in time.

They Are Unobtrusive:

Their particular sonic character allows them to generally stay out of the way and not interfere with important dialogue.

These are just a few of the reasons pizzicato strings are used all the time, and that’s why they are a MUST-HAVE skill for any professional
composer. And Richard will show you, step-by-step, how to master them in the most effective way possible.

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What is Protege Music?

Protege is the brainchild of multi-award-winning composer, podcaster and thought leader Richard Schrieber, and industry entrepreneur, renowned producer and one of the world’s leading sync specialists Vikram Gudi. Or as they prefer to be known, Rich and Vik.

They created Protege because they noticed a troubling lack of opportunity for young composers striving to work in the ever-growing industry of film and TV music. It wasn’t that they believed young composers didn’t possess the skills or the imagination to do great work, but more so that they weren’t being properly educated and equipped to both understand, navigate and ultimately thrive in such a fast-paced and constantly-evolving industry.

Great music is only one facet of this business. Beyond that lies the obstacle of knowing how to create the “right” music, how to get that work into the hands of the right people, or order to get it placed with the right projects….so you can get paid.

“Protege is our way of sharing our knowledge and experience with a new generation of composers, with the genuine hope that every single one of our students learns how to build and maintain a truly successful career in composing for film and TV”. – Vik

“We have been fortunate enough, thanks to hard work, determination and the ability to create and seize opportunities, to have achieved incredible success in our careers. And now, we want to give back to the industries that have given us so much joy, satisfaction, freedom, time and money”. – Rich

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