Conversations With World-Class Production Music Composers

Join our host Guy Jones as he goes behind the scenes as he speaks to the best production music composers in the business to find out what it really takes for them to stay on top of their game.

The Protege Podcast 005: Composer & Protege Producer Sean Latino

In this episode Guy talks to Sean Latino. Sean is an incredible composer, talented engineer, Protege producer and community manager. We talk about his back story, what got him into music licensing, mixing tracks and how to make space for your main output and how playing the long game in this industry will really benefit

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The Protege Podcast 004: Who Decides What Music Gets Placed?

There are so many steps and industry professionals that will bend their ears around a track that has the potential to be used in their Trailer, TV or Advertising campaign. What makes this industry so hard is that you don’t just have to impress one person. You have to impress a series of people from

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The Protege Podcast 003: Oliver Gardner

Join your host Sean Latino as he chats with the wonderful Oliver Gardner about his experiences as a composer and reflects on his time as part of the Protege Masterclass. Although we had many technical difficulties whilst recording this podcast we did have a blast as I’m sure you’ll hear. Composer: Sean Latino Tracks: Queen

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Meet the Masterclass: Darin Lewis

Link to podcast: Join your host Sean Latino as he chats with the brilliant Darin Lewis about his experiences as a composer and his journey into the world of media composition. Darin is a conductor, pianist, and teacher. Discover how he fast tracked Logic, his experience with the Protege Masterclass and what’s next for

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