Conversations With World-Class Production Music Composers

Join our host Guy Jones as he goes behind the scenes as he speaks to the best production music composers in the business to find out what it really takes for them to stay on top of their game.

The Protege Podcast 012: Goal Setting

Happy 2022! A New Year always brings new challenges and goals. We’re constantly fed information online about goal setting and having your ‘best’ year. Sometimes that can feel like what you set yourself either isn’t enough or you end up setting your expectations way to high, which inevitably leads to disappointment and frustration. This episode

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The Protege Podcast 011: David Kafka

Join your host Sean Latino as he chats with the super cool David Kafka about his experiences as a composer, his journey into the world of media composition and what’s next for this amazing composer. Composer: Sean Latino Tracks: Queen Sacrifice & Jane Doe Publisher: Blue Pearl Creative To find out more about Protege check

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The Protege Podcast 010: Jared Marchman

This week on The Protege Podcast, join your host Sean Latino as he chats with Masterclass graduate Jared Marchman.   Sean and Jared talk about his journey as a composer, his expansion into the world of media composition and Jared’s experience as a member of the Protege Masterclass. Composer: Sean Latino Tracks: Queen Sacrifice & Jane

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The Protege Podcast 009: The Christmas Music Episode

It’s that time of year again!  Holiday music can be a really smart addition to your catalogue.  In this episode of the Protege Podcast, Guy talks about licensing original Christmas music and Christmas covers! Guy shares information on when you should you start producing a Christmas album.  Who would be interested in it?  What is

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The Protege Podcast 008 – Protege Masterclass Q&A Part 3

As promised, this week on The Protege Podcast Guy finishes up answering questions from the Protege Masterclass. Just like the first two rounds, this final one is full of useful information about sync and composition for everyone! Please enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Protege and Blue Pearl Creative!

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The Protege Podcast 007 – Protege Masterclass Q&A Part 2

In this episode of The Protege Podcast, Guy continues with his discussion from last week, answering questions asked by current members of the Protege Masterclass about sync licensing. Because the response was so overwhelming,  this is Part 2 of Guy answering those questions – Part 3 to come…This episode has loads of useful information for

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