Stop wondering if it’s possible, and take action. Learn real world cutting edge composition & production techniques from multi-award-winning industry experts, so you can create in-demand license-able music for film, TV and advertising.


Learn how to build a diverse, cinematic music catalogue that has impact, personality and saleability.


Get your music into the hands of the right people, to have it submitted it for film, tv, trailer and commercial placements.


Learn how to work quickly and effectively in order to consistently meet high-pressure deadlines with license-ready music.

About Protege


Through our own successes in the film and TV sync business, we have cultivated many career-changing relationships with music supervisors, editors and countless other influential professionals within our tight-knit universe.  Therefore, every track that you write has the potential to be pitched to our global network of industry contacts.  Each successful placement earns you sync fees & royalties. These placements create confidence, momentum, new relationships and increased opportunities. And this is how successful careers are built. 

The school is led by multi Award Winning tutors who are experts in their field. Protege founders Richard Schrieber & Vikram Gudi have together amassed hundreds of placements and generated well over £1 million in revenue from music.

Our Founders

Protege is the brainchild of multi-award-winning composer, podcaster and thought leader Richard Schrieber, and industry entrepreneur, renowned producer and one of the world’s leading sync specialists Vikram Gudi. Or as they prefer to be known, Rich and Vik.

They created Protege because they noticed a troubling lack of opportunity for young composers striving to work in the ever-growing industry of film and TV music.  It wasn’t that they believed young composers didn’t possess the skills or the imagination to do great work, but more so that they weren’t being properly educated and equipped to both understand, navigate and ultimately thrive in such a fast-paced and constantly-evolving industry.  

Great music is only one facet of this business.  Beyond that lies the obstacle of knowing how to create the “right” music, how to get that work into the hands of the right people, or order to get it placed with the right projects….so you can get paid. 

“Protege is our way of sharing our knowledge and experience with a new generation of composers, with the genuine hope that every single one of our students learns how to build and maintain a truly successful career in composing for film and TV"
Vik Gudi

Clients We Work With

“We have been fortunate enough, thanks to hard work, determination and the ability to create and seize opportunities, to have achieved incredible success in our careers.  And now, we want to give back to the industries that have given us so much joy, satisfaction, freedom, time and money”. - Rich
Richard Schrieber
What People Are Saying....

I Got My First Trailer Placement!

As a direct result of the what Rich & Vik had taught me and the opportunities they offer I not only got published with Elephant Music and Mammoth Music, I then went on to land my first trailer and have my music in the hands of all the biggest editors in LA and London.
Espen Haagensli
Student & Composer

Learn The Intricacies Of One Of The Most In Demand Styles Of Sync Music Today - for FREE


As part of our mission to give back to the composer community, we have launched an amazing podcast that dives into the stories of composers and producers who have managed to turn their passion for music into a sustainable and lucrative career. Usually right from their homes.

We wanted to share those inspiring stories with you in the hope that it would inspire you to keep pursuing your passion to write music for a living.

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When you book your place in the course, you will join an amazing community of like-minded composers and producers where you can confidently share your work, give & receive feedback, support fellow artists and learn the most important aspects of composing for film and TV so that you can do what you love…earn a living making music.  Isn’t that what we all aspire to do?  And isn’t that the reason you’re reading this right now? 

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