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In this session of Composer Stories, Guy is joined by the one and only Vikram Gudi. Vik is the co-founder of Protege and Split music and the founder of Elephant Music and Mammoth Audio.

Guy and Vik discuss:

  • Vik’s companies
  • Composers rights
  • What is copyright
  • Being aware of your income streams
  • What are Royalties
  • Responding well to feedback
  • You’ve got what it takes as a composer, now what?

For more information on Vik, visit:



composer stories podcast

As part of our mission to give back to the composer community,we have launched an amazing podcast that dives into the stories of composers and producers who have anaged to turn their passion for music into a sustainable and lucrative career.Usually right from their homes.

We wanted to share those inspiring stories with you guys in the hope that it would inspire you to keep pursuing your passion to write music for a living.

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