Whilst learning cutting edge composition & production techniques from multi award winning industry experts 

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Career focused music production school

Each track you write has the potential to be pitched to our global network of contacts earning you sync fees & royalties. The school is led by multi Award Winning tutors who are experts in their field. Richard Schrieber & Vikram Gudi have together amassed hundreds of placements and well over £1 million in revenue from music

Hi we are Protege

We are multi award winning composer, podcaster and thought leader Richard Schrieber, and industry entrepreneur, renowned producer and one of the world’s leading sync specialists Vikram Gudi. Or as we prefer to be known, Rich and Vik.

We created Protege because we saw that the composers of the world were not being properly equipped to start their careers in writing music for film & TV. To top that they were not given any clue about how to actually get paid work.

We wanted to share our experiences and knowledge and genuinely want to see every single one of our students become hugely successful. We have achieved huge success in our careers and want to give back to the industries that have given us so much money, time and freedom.

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Composer Stories podcast

As part of our mission to give back to the composer community, we have launched an amazing podcast that dives into the stories of composers and producers who have managed to turn their passion for music into a sustainable and lucrative career. Usually right from their homes.


We wanted to share those inspiring stories with you guys in the hope that it would inspire you to keep pursuing your passion to write music for a living.

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Composer Nuggets

If you are anything like Richard Schrieber, you love a short but concise YouTube tutorial. And that is exactly why we asked him to create these composer nuggets for you; game changing composition tips delivered to you in under 2 minutes.


 This is the show where Rich divulges all those little tips and tricks he uses on a daily basis to produce his award winning and often placed music.

These really are worth their weight in gold.

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